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Dawg Yawp

Dawg Yawp

When George Harrison returned from India, he had Ravi Shankar’s sitar ringing in his head. American singer/songwriter Shawn Phillips taught Harrison how to play, and Western music was forever changed. Skipping ahead a half a century brings us to Dawg Yawp, an astonishing duo that makes an impressive Pop/Rock racket with just guitars, sitar, synthesizers, mandolin and voices. The pair, Tyler Randall and Rob Keenan, exude a familiar melodicism, harmonic gift and flair on their debut EP, Two Hearted, released back in May on Bandcamp. But don’t point fingers at producer Rob Fetters (raisins/psychodots) — he says he just pressed “record” and let them fly. We suspect there was more to it than that, but whoever did what to who, Dawg Yawp has unleashed a stellar first release with the single flaw of being half as long as it needs to be. More to come soon, we bloody well hope.

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Taft Ballroom (All Ages)