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Baby Money & The Down Payments

Baby Money & The Down Payments

Baby, D(NA), and Lil Money are members of a whiskey drinking, pizza slinging, dinosaur loving family-band from the third coast metropolis of Shy-City. Rolling in off the high plains like a lightning storm, this post war sisterhood opens floodgates, inspires spontaneous acts of shake-that-thang, and strikes fear into the hearts of the Enemy.  

Baby Money (aka Pamela Maurer) was born in the Rust Belt before it rusted over, behind the mirror and in the belly of a great beast – a wild west, futuristic Wednesday Addams ­­ a firestarter. She speaks languages, plays instruments, carries cash, and is very excited for this moment. And also this one. Baby Money loves your face! 

D(NA) Money (aka Dinasaurus aka Dina Simone) is a light being, a fighter/warrior/part­time crusader, a bass slapper and hand clapper. She is four parts air, two parts water, zero parts verbally articulate. 

Lil Money (aka Sarah Neczwid) is a traveling soul whose intuition brought her to Chicago after many years in North Carolina. Southern charm mixed with native New York-style tenacity has brought more fun into her life than just good BBQ and great pizza. She's a little bit city, a little bit country, and a whole lot of rock n' roll.