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Injecting Strangers

Injecting Strangers

Cincinnati's Injecting Strangers is a theatrical rock and roll band with dark themes and glammed out guitars. They are currently playing gigs around the Midwest to support the release of their debut full-length album, Patience, Child. Along with the album, the band released their first music video for the single, “Detroit.”

Four unique members each pick up where the other left off. Dylan Oseas, the funky, raw bass player provides the fundamental groove. Chase Leonard keeps the time and holds the beat resulting in a titanic percussive force. Peter Foley, who blends 6 (or 12) nickel-wound strings together in layers of crispy clean and furious dirty to pour all over Chase and Dylan's monstrous rhythm, while singer Richard Ringer takes the band to a whole new level. Lyrics of questionable themes and tragic irony give Injecting Strangers the right amount of edge and keeps listeners on their toes.