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Sound & Shape

Sound & Shape

Eight years. 
Thousands of miles. 
A Thousand shows.
Three previous releases, all part of a musical evolution.

Nashville, Tennessee’s Sound & Shape will release Bad Actors, their 4th studio album on September 23, 2014.

Bad Actors reveals a progression for the trio, as they confidently explore the depths of their musicality. They have a clear understanding of the prevailing rules of rock and selectively abandon them based on the demands of the story they want to tell. 

With Grammy-winning producer/engineer Casey Wood and seasoned multi-platinum selling producer Matthew McCauley at the helm, Bad Actors exemplifies a band completely in its element. From the rallying cries for revolution that can be heard in “The Laughing Lovers” opening track, through to the lost youth and innocence of end title “Curtain Call,” the album carries listeners across a multitude of sonic constellations.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Sound & Shape utilizes their influences as a springboard for new sounds, not a plug-and-play blueprint.  This combination of the classic and the contemporary pays homage to rock icons of the 60’s and 70’s while capitalizing on a keen awareness of the most progressive influencers in modern music. 

Bad Actors will be available to stream and purchase digitally worldwide on September 23, 2014. A music video for the LP’s first single, “Venus,” will debut in early September.