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Us, Today

Us, Today

Experimental Post-Rock group Us, Today was formed in late 2010. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, the members are Kristin Agee (vibraphone/keyboard), Joel Griggs (guitar), and Jeff Mellott (drums).

The band has released 3 albums to date. "RH Sessions" (2011), "Beneath the Floorboards" (2012), and most recently "T E N E N E M I E S", released in March of 2015. Us, Today's first two albums are very experimental in style, relying heavily on minimalism and improvisation. "T E N E N E M I E S" is a new direction for the band. Louder, heavier, and more melodically driven, with compositions that are more through composed than improvisational.

Here is what people are saying about "T E N E N E M I E S":

"T E N E N E M I E S vibrates with sonic tension and visceral intent. It could also be one of the year’s best albums and break the band to a wider audience." - Brian Baker of Citybeat Magazine

"The album is a piece of art from start to finish. There were many times that I was listening to the album and found myself paralyzed waiting for the next note." - Courtney Phenicie of cincymusic.com

"T E N E N E M I E S is a focused collection that will please the open-minded listener with its economical approach that doesn’t skimp on excitement." - Andrew Patton of jazzcolumbus.com

"Us, Today have a very organic sound, grounded and almost spartan, defined by subtle innovation rather than flamboyant gimmicks. They choose to focus on precision and they build their hypnotic tracks from the interplay of well-defined, razor-sharp riffs, punctuated by the celestial vibraphone." - Mircea Laslo of Arctic Drones Magazine