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A Delicate Motor

A Delicate Motor

Adam Petersen is a central Cincinnati native, a classical pianist by training, a rhythmist by propensity. Adam serves as the Eurythmy Pianist & Choral Music teacher for the Cincinnati Waldorf School, composes and performs by the name of A Delicate Motor.

A Delicate Motor is a sound composition and live performance project by Adam Petersen. Using keyboard instruments, tonal percussion and voice, ADM composes by way of energetic improvisation, live layering and meditations of the repetition of loops.

The second full-length album from A Delicate Motor, Fellover My Own, features guitar and bass work from Stephen Patota [Lazy Heart, The Happy Maladies], with the drumming and production prowess of Ben Sloan [Lazy Heart, WHY?]. Presently, the live ensemble is fortified by the effort of Brianna Kelly [guitar, voice], Rachel Mousie [keys, voice], and Libby Landis [voice].