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Coastal Club

Coastal Club

Coastal Club is an Indie rock group from Cincinnati, Ohio. The group was formed in mid-2016 by a group of friends looking to blend modern indie rock with pop, while adding a hint of surf music along the way. The group finds its center with slightly modulated guitar lines, dreamy synths, and tight drum grooves layered with fun, care-free lyrics about enjoying every aspect of life.

Coastal Club strives to bring people together by singing about the most enjoyable things in life — which are often experienced best with friends nearby. Although landlocked in the beautiful state of Ohio, the group’s ironic band name finds its meaning when the members reminisce about some of the best times in their lives, which were often spent on the beach with friends and family. The band attempts to capture many of these emotions in their songwriting in order to portray a story that is both reminiscent and fun.

So what does a group of beach-loving hippies do in their downtime? On any given day of the week you can expect to find the band listening to their favorite Beach Boys record, savoring one of their favorite post-concert milkshakes, or enjoying a long walk by the beautiful shores of the Ohio River.