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Kid Stardust

Kid Stardust

A quartet.  Chrissy von Savoye and Drew James, delayed by the natural disaster that was Hurricane Sandy, began their creative partnership in North East Jersey. Determined to escape the loony cost of living, free up more time to develop their craft of melodic noise making, and live in a city with encouraging geographic proximity to many other musical destinations - they set their sights on Cincy. "We had no jobs lined up. No money. Living off frozen vegetables. No idea what we were gonna do. And then we met cool musicians," says Chrissy about the initial pains of spontaneous relocation. Sifting their way through the the bands and people who comprise the vastly dynamic Cincinnati music scene they found Ryan Hickman and Rick Henry. The resonance within the band makes for an experience filled with soul, spirit, and deep emotional connection.

Vocals - Powerful | Soulful | Rooted in childhood exposure to Janis Joplin.
Guitar - Inventive | Textured | Noisy
Bass - Melodic | Jagged | Pretty in punk.
Drums - Crescendo | Heavy Handed | Mathematics K-8

Charles Bukowski's 1967 short titled, "Kid Stardust on the Porterhouse" is the underlying creative vision for the band's name and ethos. It's tough out there for artists - a filthy, stinkin' rat race filled with the highest highs, the lowest lows, the deepest love(s), and a sustaining indifference. Kid Stardust fully encapsulates Bukowski's emotional expressions. A band that feels a lot, does not shy away from these feelings, and leaves it all on the stage each and every show. Blood sprayed pick guards. Sweat drenched clothing. Blown out vocal chords. Toppled amplifiers. Sometimes you just have to turn it all off and just exist within the music - being completely present in this extension of ourselves and transported into a separate emotional landscape that propels their songs - that's the live show - a fucking joyous exorcism.