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Ledges is an Indie Rock/Alternative band from Akron, OH. More than that, they are a group of best friends with a story to tell.

Their sound has evolved over the years from their beginnings in a cramped oversized closet in high school to where they are now. Stepping into the Alternative/Indie Rock scene, they released their self-engineered/produced EP "The Indian Summer" in 2014. While it lacked the sheen of a studio produced album, it conveyed the earnest emotion that the band puts into everything that they write.

LEDGES went "back to the basement" and began slowly and earnestly writing the skeleton of a new album over the next 1-2 years. The original intent was to put out another EP, but as they began recording demos they realized that the story needed to be told in the form of a full length album. Once the ideas were formed the band took multiple treks over a period of months to Oceanway studios in Nashville, where they worked with producer Will Hess on shaping the sound of the new album.

Holding onto their Indie Rock roots but melding it with 80s instrumentation/production, LEDGES has created a new and relevant sound with the upcoming record. Gritty but smooth, filled with big moments and quiet reflections, the album is the brutally honest story of a journey through Faith, Doubt, Love, Loss, and Redemption. Every detail and nuance of the story is a reflection of the thoughts and experiences of the members of the band. This album is straight from their hearts to the ears of the listener without any punches pulled. The full album is due to release September 1, 2017.