Bleached (L.A.)

Bleached (L.A.)

Bleached (Los Angeles)


Bleached was formed by sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin out of the ashes of Mika Miko, an internationally acclaimed Punk band that had toured with Black Lips and The Gossip. The sisters initially moved on to other projects, but they knew Bleached was where they’d end up, writing the songs that would become their first 7-inch singles once they’d reunited creatively. Bleached’s shimmying sound takes catchy songs inspired by classic Southern Californian Pop and vintage girl groups, and runs it through a coating of power-chord Punk and wiry Post Punk. After the three singles, Bleached’s endearing mixture created a buzz on music blogs, something that has only increased since the spring release of Ride Your Heart Out, the band’s debut full-length for Dead Oceans.

YDIIYD: A sex-changed Ramones that moved to the SoCal beach, fell in and out of love and wrote songs about it. (MB)


“Lead single of their 7" off Art Fag Records which drops 7/17, “Think of You” sounds like The Misfits and says something that sounds small but is actually big: that it’s scary to tell a boy that you love him because it’s hard — probably impossible in the long run — to guarantee that affection is mutual. It does this in less than three minutes, and when it’s over, you immediately want to relearn the lesson” — Fader

“Think of You” is a Strummy heartbreaker that finds them in much less abrasive territory” — Pitchfork

“If you swept up all the vegan muffin crumbs and other detritus from the Smell’s floor, combined it with some sawdust from a dirtbag country bar where Merle Haggard once drunkenly two-stepped, and then threw in some tangy candy bits only found at a little corner store around the way from where Joey Ramone’s grandmother lived, you’d have something like Bleached” — LA Times

“Think Of You,” is bouncy, sunny punk-pop” — Stereogum

“We’ve just found a new band to blast the entire way to the beach… we’re already giving them a prime slot in our summer soundtrack”— Nylon