Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

Rock & Soul

“I feel like sometimes if you can recognize what the influences are, then it’s time we throw in a couple more,” Jeecy and the Jungle’s singer-guitarist Gerald Collins told Detroit Metro Times upon the release of the band’s 2012 debut EP Twist and Scream. Mission accomplished, Mr. Collins. Exhibit A is “Freak Out 5:54 a.m.,” a soulful barn-burner in which Collins’ voice and guitar come on like Hendrix before, about a minute in, things get funky via a James Brown-esque breakdown, only to circle back to its raucous opening third. Expect a visit from law enforcement officers if somebody’s playing this stuff in the A.M.

And, if Jeecy and the Jungle’s live set is anything like this five-song EP, expect more than one ass to be shaking, willingly or not.

YDIID: Jimi Hendrix, James Brown fronting Bad Brains, The Dirtbombs. (JG)

 "They take all the visceral parts of blues, R & B, soul and punk and package it together into one crazy head trip." 

"One of the most unlikely buzz bands in Detroit in recent months with its soulful swing, guitar and heady rhythms; there are sing-along moments, swaying moments, drinking moments, and moments of strong, simple, outsider purity." 

-Detroit Metro Times 2012