Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

Jeecy and The Jungle (Detroit)

"When you venture out to listen to Jeecy and the Jungle, grab a seatbelt and buckle up for a fun, raucous ride in a blender of rock, punk, blues, r&b. It's Detroit's music history packed into one band with more energy than ten 5-year olds on a sugar high."
-Ann Delisi, 101.9 WDET, 2013

"Jeecy and the Jungle go for a gritty, spiky take on R&B reflecting the Garage and Soul spirits of Detroit's rich musical history."
-CityBeat, Cincinnati, OH 2013

"They take all the visceral parts of blues, R & B, soul and punk and package it together into one crazy head trip."

"One of the most unlikely buzz bands in Detroit in recent months with its soulful swing, guitar and heady rhythms; there are sing-along moments, swaying moments, drinking moments, and moments of strong, simple, outsider purity."
-Detroit Metro Times 2012