Kentucky Knife Fight (St.Louis, MO)

Kentucky Knife Fight (St.Louis, MO)

Kentucky Knife Fight (St. Louis)


Kentucky Knife Fight has won the Best Rock Band awards given out by their hometown paper Riverfront Times the past three years straight. And the love the Blues/Punk quintet is getting in St. Louis is spreading with each new release and string of tour dates. The band’s latest full-length (its third), Hush Hush, was released earlier this year.

YDIIYD: The Supersuckers, Uncle Tupelo, The Replacements. (MB)

“Kentucky Knife Fight is evolving with a seriousness of intent more apparent with each and every move by the band. Videos are being made, touring continues, and the band’s third and newest album, Hush Hush, is the group’s best-sounding, most cohesive, and most original-sounding release to date.” --St. Louis Magazine 

"Hush Hush: Wherein the St. Louis-via-Edwardsville band marries its bluesy barroom blitzes with a cinematic scope. For its third full-length, the quintet remains clouded in cigarette smoke and dark-tinted glasses, but there's a touch of the auteur with how the album is assembled." --Riverfront Times

"Kentucky Knife Fight’s Classic revenge-therapy lyrics pierce the veil between alt-country and death metal.  And that’s where Holler and company really hit their mark–this collection of tunes splits the difference between Nick Cave’s murder balladeering and Craig Finn of The Hold Steady’s seedy characterizations, knocking back stories of addiction, love, pain, death and all points in between.” --Eleven Magazine 

Vocalist and wordsmith Jason Holler (the band write the music) delivers his lyrics with a dirty, unctuous snarl, whilst his bandmates whip up a boogie storm or keep it slow and sleazy. Lead single “Misshapen Love” definitely falls into the former camp. It’s brazen soulfulness hovers between the garage and the dance floor, just so long as there’s a wall to bounce off. “Love the Lonely” arrives on a slow train before releasing the brakes, and on the splendid title track, the entire band take the opportunity to showboat, but it’s a cracking song with a stuttering rhythm and post-punk feel, and might just be the best thing on a consistently fine album.” -- Leicester Bangs