Shivering Timbers (Akron, OH)

Shivering Timbers (Akron, OH)

Shivering Timbers (Akron, Ohio)

Indie Folk Rock

And the winner for Unlikeliest Band Launch goes to Akron’s Shivering Timbers, which began with the husband-and-wife team of Jayson and Sarah Benn writing and performing songs to entertain their infant daughter. The Benns wound up playing some of those songs at Dan Auerbach’s 30th birthday party and The Black Keys guitarist ended up producing 2010’s We All Started in the Same Place, the couple’s debut album as Shivering Timbers. Through Auerbach, the couple met Brian Olive (Sarah sang harmonies on his last solo album, Two of Everything) and he signed on to produce the Timbers’ sophomore album, 2012’s Sing Sing, a collection of songs and sounds that distills and intensifies the vibe of the first release. More importantly, the Timbers have been honing their considerable craft on relentless tour stops with Shovels & Rope, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Chapin Sisters and so many more, resulting in a live presence that combines Indie Rock energy, Blues/Punk passion and Country/Gospel reflection.

YDIIYD: Neko Case channels Patsy Cline while The Bad Seeds channel The Replacements. (BB)

“Utilizing disparate elements like scorching Indie Rock, rough cut Blues, raw Punk, sprightly Pop, tent revival Gospel, and dark Folk, Shivering Timbers has crafted a sound that is both hauntingly appealing and a raucous bitch-slap.” –Cincinnati City Beat

Shivering Timbers has toured with, or been direct support for: Shovels & Rope, Kenny Loggins, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Tav Falco, The Chapin Sisters, and many more great bands