The Infatuations (Detroit)

The Infatuations (Detroit)

The Infatuations (Detroit, Mich.)


Put on your sexy pants, Cincinnati — The Infatuations have come to seduce you. From funky, rockin’ ragers to super-sensual slow burners, these Motor City men know how to make a wide range of good music. They may have started as a cover band, but they play their own tunes now and those tunes are niiiice. Even their loudest number is made for dancing shoes. Find a partner and dance the night away. After a few slow songs, and with the help of a brass player or two, you might find yourself taking someone home.

YDIIYD: Motown, a sexy falsetto, getting lucky. (DK)


Metro Times - "The Infatuations’ January Sessions (Acid Groove) sounds like the sort of music that Justin Timberlake wishes he had the balls to make. In other words, this is fun and dance-able white-boy disco-soul. “Dancin’ On My Knees”, in particular, is a great tune."

Real Detroit Weekly – “The Infatuations are like a can full of disco-funk, Motown soul and Detroit rock. Yet another very Motor City-sounding band well worth checking out.”

Motorcityblog – “Blending a mix of funk, soul, pop and just about every other aspect of music that defines Detroit since its birth, The Infatuations breathe a fresh life in to the music scene.”

Detroit Rock Review - “We at DR2 love when we get to hear something so unique, and so very Detroit, (yeh, we just used Detroit as an adjective!) so you gotta know we were already lovin' this 5 song epic, when the last track hit us squarely in that happy place only music can reach.” 

Detroit Live Magazine - “This group of young veteran musicians has taken the Motown roots combined with their obsession of celebration to create a new Detroit sound that will have you Dancing On Your Knees.” (Dancin’ On My Knees) “This tune puts me in a past era while feeling like the present. Its rock n beat and Motown feel would have had Berry Gordy dancing on his head to hear more.”