The Ready Stance (Cincinnati)

The Ready Stance (Cincinnati)

“In these days of gimmicky indie projects, the Ready Stance’s time-honored sound is rare: just four guys in a room knocking out earnest, urgent rock, much as it could’ve been done in any decade. Yarns—all set to sweeping, melody-rich hooks, raw, ringing guitars, and driving rhythms—are rooted in fact and stranger than fiction; literate, image-laden observations with a penchant for classic, bent Midwestern arcana." — Peter Aaron, Music Editor, Chronogram

“This is great, great rock and roll, told with honesty, energy and skill.  It’s really friggin’ good”
— Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist

”Packed with reflective lyrics and subtle, introspective arrangements, this record is a masterful work of honest, gimmicks-free rock & roll from the heart of it all.”
— Jennifer Farmer, The Agit Reader

“Damndest elicits comparisons with the most venerated Americana…unforced and energized like the work of barroom virtuosos” — Matthew Lindsay, Vulture Hound UK

“Songs that make you feel glad to be alive and makes you realize how lucky we are to be listening to music as good as this” — Steve Tay, AMP Magazine

“The Album really has a timeless quality, something that’s hard to achieve, but The Ready Stance manages to pull of naturally”— Mike Breen, CityBeat

"Great guitar sounds and really nice songwriting"
— Stan Demeski, The Feelies