The Ridges (Athens, OH)

The Ridges (Athens, OH)

The Ridges (Athens, Ohio)


The Ridges are experts at playing up an eerie vibe. Not only did they choose their name from an abandoned asylum in Athens, Ohio, they even took over the asylum for the recording of their 2010 five-song self-titled release, their string-filled, orchestra Folk Rock filling the spooky operating rooms and haunting wards. While The Ridges’ songs frequently seem just as eerie as their choice of “studio,” the music is often upbeat. “War Bonds” even has a surprisingly hopeful sounding beginning, despite the less-than-chipper lyrics. 

YDIIYD: Of Monsters and Men, occasionally happy music with angsty lyrics. (DK)


"The kind of Americana music that falls off the bone" - Daytrotter 
"Brooding folk music that is both mature and fresh" - Delusions of Adequacy 
"Fuller than most artists' 14-song long-players" - Cincinnati CityBeat 
"A chilling and intriguing journey into the realm of the unknown" - AltOhio 
"A well-honed folk-pop machine" - WOUB 
"Darkly romantic and entrancing… Complex and intriguing…" - ACRN 
"What Arcade Fire would sound like if Phil Spector were a member" - The Other Paper 
"If Fleet Foxes had a shady underbelly" - Red Said 
"Spoon's indie pop for smart grownups and Beirut's Old World instrumentation" - The Other Paper 
"A rootsier, catchier Arcade Fire" - Cincinnati CityBeat 
"Moody strings and beautiful but fraught vocals" - No Depression 
"This was not a group of songs, this was an experience" - ACRN 
"Nice!" - Robin Hilton, NPR's All Songs Considered