Warpaint (L.A.)

Warpaint (L.A.)

Warpaint (Los Angeles) 

Indie/Psych Rock

There’s something about Warpaint that makes the band hard not to love. The all-female L.A. group’s dreamy (often of the nightmarish variety), psychedelic music is not something for driving or studying. It will not keep you awake or engaged. As a matter of fact, Warpaint is more likely to do the opposite. At times the bass can ground the vocals and guitars; during others it can send them floating in opposite directions, aloof to the others’ existence. No need to pregame for a Warpaint concert — their music will seep into your veins, flow to your brain and leave you blissed out on its own. The band’s follow-up to 2010’s debut full-length for Rough Trade Records, The Fool, is due out this January.

YDIIYD: Beach House, The Cure, Yeasayer. (DK)

“First they hypnotize; then they get you dancing" -NEW YORK TIMES

“The album is damn stunning—an incredibly well produced collection of drifty, arty, swoony, low end-loving psychedelic rock. But it’s not stoner music. It’s dark and pretty and kinda Goth and … well, we could go on, or you could just listen to it.” -LA WEEKLY

“The Fool is a success no matter how you slice it, playing like a genre record for a genre that doesn’t exist.” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“While too many indie girl groups seem content to rebuild the Wall of Sound brick by brick, this Los Angeles quartet dedicate their hypnotic harmonies and guitars to a different cause: the House of Ian Curtis.” – SPIN 8/10

“Warpaint put the riff-heavy desert rock of Queens of the Stone Age through a gauzy, female-frosted lens, ending up with something more mysterious.” -PITCHFORK

“One of the year’s most promising new acts, Warpaint construct mysterious songs that pair the rhythmic chug of Pylon with the otherworldly eeriness of Throwing Muses. Bass lines zigzag and drums kick off-kilter rhythms and Emily Kokal’s soft, pleading vocals. Every song feels like an incantation: weirdo dance number “Beetle” finds Kokal belting out lyrics in jump-rope cadence between bouts of bent-wire guitar and eerie ripples of synth.”-ROLLING STONE

“dreamy shoegaze melodies are paired with post-punk dissonance and fueled by the bandmates’ pure magnetism and instrumental chops.” -PASTE

“Combining the dense, shadowy mood of some early Cure with the sonic drift of Mazzy Star and Cat Power’s more hazy vocal work, Warpaint occupies a challenging space where the mood can vary from deep woods come-down to fierce primal ritual. It hits an especially sweet spot live, where the ladies sometimes swap instruments or hone in on those spine-tingling harmonies.” -LATIMES