Wild Leaves (Brooklyn)

Wild Leaves (Brooklyn)

Wild Leaves is a psych-folk band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their sound is something nostalgic, something with history–like a record rediscovered in your attic. The soaring harmonies, assertive rhythm section, and shimmering electric guitars have drawn comparisons to the west coast sounds of The Byrds, CSNY, & Jefferson Airplane. Yet, there is something still distinctly relevant to today–like the sound of a memory not yet lost.

"Wild Leaves brings comforting, warm songs into an often faced paced and cold city" — Deli Magazine

"There is a lovely warmth to their music, something we are continually drawn to." — Folk Radio UK

"Simply put, it is absolutely brilliant." — Mad Mackerel

"Illustrious... sweeping vocal harmonies, which flow through the track like a fresh breeze on a humid day." — Obscure Sound

"Wonderfully mellow and beautifully harmonized." — Vivid Lagoon