Woody Pines

Woody Pines

Ragtime, Boogie, Viper Jazz, Lighting Speed Folk. Full of stomp and swing, and jump and jive. It's old-time feel-good music done by a young master who clearly understands that this kind of music was always about having a great time.

Woody Pines' review in No Depression:

"In theory Woody Pines is a troubadour, in the spirit of Woody Guthrie, travelling across America with just a Resonator guitar as company; but Woody Pines is so much more than that in real life as he is augmented by a variety of other musicians here and there and the finished article on this album certainly sounds like a proper band to my ears.

The Louisiana born singer switches styles at will and opens RABBITS MOTEL with a toe-tapping Country-Blues; Like I Do which gets the party started in a glorious manner.

I loved Train That Carried My Gal From Town as soon as I heard it, as the Resonator guitar and harmonica are both delightful and timeless as Woody sounds like Willie Nelson singing a Johnny Cash Song in a 1930’s Alabama Juke-Joint.

Love The Way My Baby starts with some rolling organ and a tsch-tsch drum beat followed by Woody going into Urban Blues mode creating a sound that could have been recorded in 1950 but sounds as fresh as a daisy today.

My favourite song on RABBITS MOTEL is Hobo and His Bride which is a simply beautiful tale full of hope, romance and despair with Pine’s eye for detail in the shadows of these two characters lives basically breath taking.

I don’t begin to understand Addicted to Blood one little bit; but just love the rockin’ beat daddio. Roots music just doesn’t get any better than this; especially the tricky guitar fills and those funky organ solos. 

The album finishes with a delightful song, that has echoes of a child’s evening prayer; Close Your Eyes and Dream is played on the banjo and guitar with Woody; again sounding uncannily like a young Willie Nelson and I can’t think of a better way to end a record."