Personalize your MPMF Experience -

Personalize your MPMF Experience -

Thanks to our friends and creative partner Topic Design, MPMF continues its tradition of putting power in the people’s hands.

Using your phone, tablet or computer, go to and personalize your MPMF.13 experience. Following a simple registration process, you can browse through the complete festival lineup, selecting and saving the artists you want to see—who, where and when. And for the next two weeks leading up to the festival, you can log in as often as you want to make and save changes.

Then at noon on Thursday, September 26 to coincide with the first day of MPMF.13, the popular twitter visualizer and Instagram feeds will return once more. Simply include the #MPMF hashtag with your tweets and pics to see your thoughts and views pulled into the community streams.

The app will also include the most current and complete festival schedule, band bios, venue details and map.

Hint: a smart MPMFer would make a personal schedule, thus having their very own smartphone Sherpa to guide them along their musical journey.

MPMFers can also expect to see the twitter visualizer projected or displayed again at venues throughout the festival’s footprint. It’s a great way to stay connected, or to share your thoughts on the artists, the venues, the people and the festival in general.

Prevent app holes—use it MPMFers, and make the world a better place.