Download the MPMF App!

Download the MPMF App!

Have you downloaded the official #MPMF16 app? We teamed up with Patchboard to put MidPoint in your pocket. The app is available for Apple and Android users and is your guide to all of what this year's MidPoint has to offer. You can customize your schedule right from your phone, so you don't miss any of the action! You can also discover new music before or during the festival.

Download the official MidPoint app today!

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  • Check Out the MPMF16 Highlight Reel Now!

    Check Out the MPMF16 Highlight Reel Now!

    Midpoint 2016 has come and gone, but along the way some incredible memories were made. Maybe it was Reggie Watts’ goofy charisma that stuck with you. Or maybe the thought of Bob Mould’s set gives you chills to think about- you did witness the...

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  • Thanks so much #MPMF16!

    Thanks so much #MPMF16!

    Thanks so much for rocking out with us in 2016! We're pumped to hear that so many of you had a blast this year and can't wait to grow and keep getting better! Planning for #mpmf17 already underway...

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